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Gill Group is on the Executive Committee for the National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts. Members of Gill Group provide lectures and teaching sessions nationwide on the correct procedures and practices for completing market studies.

Need a complete market study to seal a deal but don't have the time or money to wait a month or more for one? Gill Group can give you a proprietary comprehensive market study, with on-site photos and solid comparative and market information anywhere in the United States, in less time and less expense than you would expect.

Our market studies exceed the standards and expectations of our clients. Our market analysts around the country visit each project and stay an average about 5-10 days in the surrounding market, in order to get all the information they can in order to give our clients an accurate impression of the market in question. If there is particular nonstandard information or data that you would like to see in your report, we will always adjust the report to suit your information and format needs.

Our market studies (also known as market feasibility studies) provide an accurate representation of housing needs in a given community, at a particular period in time. The study utilizes professional market study techniques and is based on data collected from official sources such as the United States Census of Population and Housing, and other state and local sources. In addition, interviews are held with local government officials and other persons with particular knowledge of the local housing market in order to give our clients the most relevant and accurate information possible on the state of the market. Our main goal is to give you the best quality information in the fastest time so you can make the best decision.
We realize that not everyone wants or needs the same information in their reports as our other clients - so we make sure that each individual report we produce conforms to the particular requirements for that project. It is our aim to give our clients the best quality report to meet their needs and goals.

Our Market Study Clients Include:

  • Developers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Syndicators
  • Corporations
  • Government and Public Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms

The Studies themselves contain data, descriptions, maps and pictures of not only the site, but of the surrounding community including comparable properties. Our research allows you, even if you have not seen the property, to have a detailed and intimate knowledge of the site and its surrounding community and make a sound decision based on it.

Market Studies – Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Gill Group’s market studies have been used by our clients in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program and in obtaining and renewing state and federal subsidies for low-income housing developments, senior housing and multi-family rental housing. Our market studies have also been utilized by local, state and federal housing authorities and agencies and developers that require accurate information. We are experienced in providing market studies for elderly housing, assisted living, nursing homes, educational institutions, retail and commercial companies needing quality market research. As part of the HUD Section 8 renewal requirements, HUD requires Rent Comparability Studies in which Gill Group has extensive experience.

Market Studies – Multi-Family Accelerated Processing (M.A.P.)
Gill Group provides market studies for such M.A.P. programs as 221(d)(3), 221(d)(4), 232, 232/221(d)(3) and 232/221(d)(4). Our market studies are typically combined with our appraisal report orders so that we can offer large discounts on both products.