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Appraisals have been at the foundation of Gill Group since 1976. We have appraised properties from motels to office buildings, and shopping centers to high-rise multi-family dwellings across the country. We are very active in HUD's Mark-to-Market program, providing many Participating Administrative Entities (PAEs) with quality appraisals on properties due for HUD program renewal. Our appraisals draw on the expertise and skill of our nationally certified field inspectors and appraisers whose attention to detail and accuracy is reflected in our reports. Gill Group has completed all requirements and is recognized by HUD as an appraisal firm qualified to produce Multi-Family Accelerated Processing (MAP) reports which are now preferred by HUD in many cases.

Real Estate Appraisals:

Land - we live on it, we work on it, we play on it and we fight over it. It is the most important and valuable commodity in the world today. At Gill Group, our appraisal service takes into account the geographic, social, legal and economic factors and gives you an accurate view of the property's value and position in the market.

Our Appraisals estimate many types of values:

  • Market Value
  • Restricted Value
  • Investment Value
  • Value-In Use
  • Value of Tax Credits
  • Value of Interest Credit Subsidies
  • Value of Bonds
  • And Many More…

Within most of our values, we have the ability to provide the following:

  • As-Is Value
  • As-Improved Value
  • As-Complete and Stabilized Value
  • Retrospective Value
  • Future Value
  • And Many More…

The value estimates are subject to the definition of value, the assumptions and limiting conditions and the certification that are contained in the full appraisal report. Our appraisals meet and exceed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP), banking regulations as published by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in the Federal Register (12 CFR Part 34.4) and the minimum reporting requirements of the Office of Thrift Supervision Regulation 564.

The Appraisal reports contain data, descriptions, maps and pictures of not only the site, but of the surrounding community including comparable properties and other amenities. By reading our appraisal, even if you have not seen the property you can have a detailed and intimate knowledge of the condition and value of the site and its position in the market, and make a sound decision based on it.

Once we have delivered your appraisal, our service does not stop there. If you have any questions on any part of our report, call us toll free on 1 (800) 428-3320, and one of our appraisers will go over any questions or queries you may have.

Multi-Family Accelerated Processing (M.A.P.) Appraisals:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) introduced a program called Multifamily Accelerated Processing (M.A.P.), which expedites processing and enables the HUD insurance programs to be more competitive with today's tight financing timeframes. The M.A.P. processing guidelines allow HUD approved lenders to contract and facilitate all third-party reports (environmental, appraisal, market study and construction cost analysis) from a firm like Gill Group. Using our reports, the lender can then complete the technical processing and make underwriter recommendations. The underwriters summary is then combined with the required documentation and submitted as a formal application to the local HUD office. HUD's goal is to issue a firm commitment to insure within 45 days after receipt of a complete application.

Our many certified MAP appraisers, market analysts, and field inspectors can get you the MAP reports you need, in the time that you need it in. We understand the need for quick actions and what HUD requires in order for you to get the firm commitment that you need in the shortest amount of time. Our reports meet and exceed the HUD requirements for MAP studies and we are sure that you will be impressed by the timeliness and price that you can get a quality Gill Group MAP study for.

We are well versed in the following programs:

  •     223(f)
  •     202/223(f)
  •     221(d)(3)/(4)
  •     232
  •     232/221(d)(3)/(4)
  •     232/223(f)
  •     And combinations of the programs

We are approved in many HUD Hubs and Field Offices across the country. If you plan to submit an application to a HUD Hub or Field Office with us as the appraiser/market analyst, please call Cash Gill at 1-(800)428-3320. If we have not been previously approved, we will take the necessary steps to obtain approval in that area.